Monthly Quiz – August 2021

The Monthly Quiz

Welcome to the Monthly Quiz. Each month there are 10 general knowledge questions and 10 questions on a subject.

This month’s subject is Music.

Enjoy the quiz and good luck!!

General Knowledge

1The GRU is which country’s largest foreign intelligence agency?
2Which Staffordshire town is the home to the National Brewery Centre?
3On a flat-screen television, what do the initials LCD stand for?
4Which three colours feature on the flag of Thailand?
5What are the names of President Barack Obama’s daughters?
6Which element of the periodic table has the chemical symbol W and the atomic number 74?
7Who was named Time Magazine’s Person of the 20th Century?
8A red trident appears in the logo of which Italian motor manufacturer?
9Who was the US Secretary of State from January 1993 until January 1997?
10Who is the patron saint of hopeless cases?


1Which female singer topped the charts in late 2013 with a cover of Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’?
2Darts player Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor takes his nickname from a song by which German dance act?
3Which group released an album in July 1980 titled ‘Searching for the Young Soul Rebels’?
4What was the biggest-selling UK single by The Beatles?
5Guy Garvey is the lead singer with which band?
6Which 17th-Century Italian composer was nicknamed ‘The Red Priest’?
7How many people made up The Village People?
8Which film launched the song ‘White Christmas’?
9In which year did the Glastonbury Festival all begin?
10Who released an album in June 2016 titled ‘50’?

General Knowledge Answers 

(1) Russia. (2) Burton Upon Trent. (3) Liquid Crystal Display. (4) Red, White and Blue. (5) Malia and Sasha. (6) Tungsten. (7) Albert Einstein. (8) Maserati. (9) Warren Christopher (10) Saint Jude

Music Answers 

(1) Lilly Allen. (2) Snap. (3) Dexys Midnight Runners. (4) She Loves You,. (5) Elbow. (6) Vivaldi. (7) NIne. (8) Holiday Inn. (9) 1970. (10) Rick Astley.

Click here to view my Monthly Quiz on the Llanelli Standard newspaper.

The quiz is on page 23.

You can also pick up a print edition of the newspaper in the Llanelli area.

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