Monthly Quiz – September 2021

The Monthly Quiz

Welcome to the Monthly Quiz. Each month there are 10 general knowledge questions and 10 questions on a subject.

This month’s subject is Sport.

Enjoy the quiz and good luck!!

General Knowledge

1Who was the last man to walk on the moon?
2Who wrote the novel “The Major of Casterbridge : The Life and Death of a Man of Character”?
3Which British Prime Minister wrote the book ‘The Governance of Britain’?
4What is the currency of Thailand?
5What are the middle names of Prince George of Cambridge?
6The River Sheaf runs through which British city?
7Which kind of beans are used in Baked Beans?
8As a percentage Argon makes up how much of the world’s atmosphere?
9Where is the smallest bone in the human body?
10Which ocean is the deepest?


1Which team did Bobby Moore play for in the 1975 F.A. Cup Final?
2In what year yellow balls were first introduced in the Wimbledon Tennis Championships?
3In which city did ‘The 2014  Giro d’ Italia’  cycling tour start?
4Swindon Robins, Poole Pirates and King’s Lynn compete in which sport?
5The Irish Grand National horse race is run at which course?
6Which city hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games?
7Ellis Park is a famous rugby ground located in which city?
8In rugby league what number shirt is worn by the hooker?
9The ITU is the governing body of which Olympic sport?
10In 1988, who became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski-jumping?

General Knowledge Answers 

(1) Eugene Cernan (Apollo 17). (2) Thomas Hardy. (3) Harold Wilson. (4) Thai Baht. (5) Alexander Louis. (6) S(heffield. (7) Haricot Beans. (8) 1%. (9) The ear, (Stapes). (10) The Pacific Ocean.

Sport Answers 

(1) Fulham. (2) 1986. (3) Belfast. (4) Speedway,. (5) Fairyhouse. (6) Gold Coast. (7) Johannesburg. (8) 9. (9) Triathlo(n. (10) Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards

Click here to view my Monthly Quiz on the Llanelli Standard newspaper.

The quiz is on page 23.

You can also pick up a print edition of the newspaper in the Llanelli area.

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