Monthly Quiz – December 2021

The Monthly Quiz

Welcome to the Monthly Quiz. Each month there are 10 general knowledge questions and 10 questions on a subject.

This month’s subject is Christmas.

Enjoy the quiz and good luck!!

General Knowledge

1What is the second largest city in France?
2Ushanka, Montera and Keffiyeh are all types of what?
3How many eyes does a caterpillar have?
4In which year was ‘Coronation Street’ broadcast for the first time?
5The airline Qantas is based in which country?
6Which British artist is famous for his spot paintings?
7A milliner is a maker of what?
8The first ever FA Cup final was held at which cricket ground?
9Which UK comedian began his act with “Hello my darlings’?
10Which Cabinet post did Winston Churchill hold in both world wars?


1When do the 12 days of Christmas start?
2What colour suit did Father Christmas wear until Coca Cola rebranded him in red?
3In which modern-day country was St Nicholas born?
4Which Christmas-themed ballet premiered in St Petersburg, Russia in 1892? 
5What month in 1942 did Bing Crosby record the song ‘White Christmas’?
6What fruit is traditionally put inside a Christmas stocking?
7Which country did eggnog originate?
8Which city has been donating Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree to London every year since 1947?
9In EastEnders, what did Den Watts famously give his wife Angie for Christmas in 1986?
10Which country does the popular Christmas dessert panettone originate from? 

General Knowledge Answers 

(1) Marseille. (2) Headgear. (3) 12. (4) 1960. (5) Australia. (6) Damien Hirst. (7) Hats. (8) The Oval. (9) Charlie Drake. (10) First Lord of the Admiralty.

Christmas Answers 

(1) Christmas Day. (2) Green. (3) Turkey. (4) The Nutcracker. (5) May. (6) Orange or Tangerine. (7) U.K. (8) Oslo, Norway. (9) Divorce papers. (10) Italy.

Click here to view my Monthly Quiz on the Llanelli Standard newspaper.

The quiz is on page 23.

You can also pick up a print edition of the newspaper in the Llanelli area.

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