Monthly Quiz – January 2022

The Monthly Quiz

Welcome to the Monthly Quiz. Each month there are 10 general knowledge questions and 10 questions on a subject.

This month’s subject is the Year 2021.

Enjoy the quiz and good luck!!

General Knowledge

1What Greek Island gives its name to a type of lettuce?
2What were Oxford bags?
3Jansher and Jahangir Khan are famous in which sport?
4What was Adam Ant’s only solo UK No.1 single?
5The turkey is native to which continent?
6At the World Snooker Championship, the final is played over the best of how many frames?
7Smokies are associated with which Scottish town?
8The American drama ‘Knots Landing’ was a spin-off from which tv soap?
9Sale is a suburb of which English city?
10Who wrote the novel ‘No Country for Old Men’?

The Year 2021

1How many medals did Team GB win in the Tokyo Olympics?
2Which country won the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest?
3What is the name of the news channel launched by Andrew Neil on Sunday 13th June 2021?
4The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26 was held in which UK city?
5Which team won the inaugural ‘The Hundred’ cricket tournament?
6In August 2021 Ronny Swiggers became the world champion in what?
7What is the name of the NASA rover that landed on Mars in February 2021?
8What is the name of the U.S. Vice President who was inaugurated in January 2021?
9Which group released an album in October 2021 titled ’Music of The Spheres’?
10What is the name of the James Bond film that was released in September 2021?

General Knowledge Answers 

(1) Cos. (2) Trousers. (3) Squash. (4) Goody Two Shoes. (5) North America. (6) 35. (7) Arbroath. (8) Dallas. (9) Manchester. (10) Cormac McCarthy.

The Year 2021 Answers 

(1) 65. (2) Italy. (3) GB News. (4) Glasgow. (5) Southern Brave. (6) Quizzing. (7) Perseverance. (8) Kamala Harris. (9) Coldplay. (10) No Time To Die.

Click here to view my Monthly Quiz on the Llanelli Standard newspaper.

The quiz is on page 23.

You can also pick up a print edition of the newspaper in the Llanelli area.

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