Weekly Quiz – 11/12/20

The Weekly Quiz

Click on the right answer and it will appear in GREEN. If your choice pops up in RED the answer is incorrect.

Good luck!

Question One

‘The Funky Gibbon’ was a hit in 1975 for which comedy team?
The Goodies
The Black Abbots
The Young Ones
Monty Python

Question Two

What is the name of this tv sitcom?
Derry Girls
The Inbetweeners
The Big Bang Theory
Two Broke Girls

Question Three

The Battle of Waterloo was fought in which year?

Question Four

What is the name of this footballer?
Jamie Vardy
Gareth Bale
Harry Kane
Daniel James

Question Five

Who played the title charcter in the 2014 biblical epic ‘Noah’?
Russell Crowe
Steven Segal
Tom Hanks
Hugh Grant

Click here to view the correct answers

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