Weekly Quiz – 12/2/21 – Valentine Special

Weekly Quiz – Valentine

Click on the right answer and it will appear in GREEN. If your choice pops up in RED the answer is incorrect.

Good luck!

Question One

Dydd Santes Dwynwen is considered to be the Welsh equivalent to Valentine’s Day and is celebrated on what date?
25th January
25th March
25th July
25th September

Question Two

What is the name of this Love Island contestant who won in 2015?
Jess Hayes
Hannah Elizabeth
Lauren Richardson
Daisy Muller

Question Three

Which Manchester band released the single ‘Love Spreads’ on 21st November 1994?
The Stones Roses
The Happy Mondays
The Smiths

Question Four

What is the name of this romantic hit movie?
Love Story
The Way We Were
An Affair To Remember
Brief Encounter

Question Five

The first Valentine’s Day was in the what year?

Click here to view the correct answers

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