Tycroes School Rugby Team 1979/80

Tycroes School Rugby Team 1979/1980

This the only team sport photo I have been part of. I am in the second row on the left next to our teacher Mr Walters.

The sad thing about this photo is that we are wearing long trousers with our rugby shirts. We did not have the opportunity to bring our rugby kits on the day the photo was taken.

Alun Howells was our captain and David Rees was our star player. Our record for the season was two wins, one draw and many defeats.

When we drew against Saron School in October 1979 I scored a try. It was disallowed. I am still bitter about that decision!!

Karl Woodford who was in our team has become a Pantyffynnon RFC legend. Karl is still playing rugby for Pantyffynnon in his fifties.

My rugby career may have been limited and not very successful but it was a honour to represent my home village.

Many of this team I have lost contact with. If you see a friend please share.

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