Christmas Quiz in The Ammanford Miners’ Welfare Club December 1991

Below are photos of the Christmas Quiz at The Ammanford Miners’ Welfare Club in December 1991.

The quiz format used on that evening would not be used today. I read out a question and anyone in the room could answer. I would pick the first person who raised their hand. If their answer was correct they would win a token for a pint of beer (It was about a £1 a pint in the Welfare at that time!!). If the question was incorrect the person would have to pay 10p. I would then select the next person who would like to answer. This would continue until the correct answer was given. In the 1980’s and 1990’s this was a popular type of quiz in pubs and clubs. The Dynevor Arms (The Tenby) in Pantyffynnon had this type of quiz running for several years. Now we have Internet access on mobile phones this type of quiz is no longer possible.

The quiz on that evening raised money for a children’s charity.

Left to Right : Mike Jones, Dai Daniels and Keith Courtney

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