Weekly Quiz – 19/8/22

The Weekly Quiz

Click on the right answer and it will appear in GREEN. If your choice pops up in RED the answer is incorrect.

Good luck!

Question One

What was the name of the first dog sent into space which launched on board Sputnik 2 in 1957?

Question Two

What is the title of this book?
The Grapes of Wrath
Tender is the Night
Gone with the Wind
As I Lay Dying

Question Three

From which region of France does the soft cheese Camembert originate?

Question Four

In 1981 Soft Cell had a Number 1 hit with ‘Tainted Love’. Who recorded the original version?
Gloria Jones
Gloria Gaynor
Cilla Black
Anita Harris

Question Five

Who was the manager of England’s Football World Cup-winning team in 1966?
Alf Ramsey
Ron Greenwood
Joe Mercer
Walter Winterbottom

Click here to view the correct answers

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