Weekly Quiz – 7/4/23

The Weekly Quiz

Click on the right answer and it will appear in GREEN. If your choice pops up in RED the answer is incorrect.

Good luck!

Question One

Who was Bill Clinton’s Vice President?
Al Gore
Dan Quayle
Dick Cheney
Joe Biden

Question Two

What was the title of Kate Bush’s debut album?
The Kick Inside
Never for Ever
The Dreaming

Question Three

What did George Speck (also known as George Crum) invent?
Potato Crisps
Peanut Butter
Hot Dogs

Question Four

In the tv comedy Hi-De-Hi, what was Glady’s surname?

Question Five

Where in the human body would you find the maxilla bones?
The face
The foot
The arm
The ear

Click here to view the correct answers

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